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Chateau Ploskovice


• Wedding receptions for up to 80 people inside the chateau, up to 150 in the arcades or much more outside in the tent

• Lovely garden suitable for wedding ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, cocktails

• Catering service required 

• Open bar available (unlimited consumption of house wine, beer and soft drinks)


Anna Maria Franziska of the Palatinate (née Saxe-Lauenburg, 1672–1741) had this Baroque country house built prior to 1720; it was finished in 1725. Apart from the main hall, the most significant room is the sala terrena underneath. The grottoes connecting to the garden on the ground floor have fountains with sculptural decoration in the shape of Hercules, water deities, sea monsters and angels which are quite remarkable. The Duchess, who after the death of her first husband married the Tuscan Grand Duke, Gian Gastone III, the last male descendent of the Medici family, ran a costly court at Ploskovice. In the 1730s the French terrace garden was remodelled. A gloriette, shown in its 19th century incarnation, serves as a bellevue. In 1764 the house was altered in Rococo style and in 1773 further building alterations were made to the house and greenhouse in the garden. The composition of the garden was simplified from 1816. During a Neo-Baroque reconstruction from 1850–3 for the abdicated ruler Emperor Ferdinand V the upper floor was raised, and pavilions appeared at the end of the Baroque arcade corridors, as well as a new northern portico. The garden was changed into a landscape park and servants quarters grew up after 1816 on the site of a destroyed earlier house.