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Castolovice castle


The origins of Castolovice date from the 13th century when it was a stronghold in the marshes. It was reputedly settled by Castolov of the Hronovec family and the first written records date from 1342. In the course of the 15th and 16th centuries the Castolovice estate changed hands several times, one of the owners being King George of Podebrad, the only Bohemian monarch elected from the Czech nobility and whose first wife, Kunhuta , was a Sternberg.

The Sternbergs played a role in both the cultural and political history of Bohemia. Legend has it that Jaroslav of Sternberg led the defense of the town of Olomouc against the Tartar Khan Batu, Chingiz-Khan's son in 1241 and thus stopped the invasion of all of Europe by the Tartar horde. 

Except during the German occupation in the second world war, when there was a forced overseer in Castolovice and Leopold Sternberg and his family had to live elsewhere, Sternbergs remained the owners of Castolovice until 1948, when it was taken over by the Communist State. Leopold Sternberg, his wife Cecilia and their daughter Diana emigrated to the United States. 

For forty years the castle of Castolovice and park were administered by the 'State care for Monuments'. The West wing was opened to the public, the East wing housed a school for refrigerator repairers.

Castolovice was returned in 1992 to Diana Phipps Sternberg . In the preceding 25 years Diana Phipps lived in England and worked as an Interior Decorator both in Europe and the United States. By enlarging and enlivening the exhibition she is hoping to give visitors an insight into the past life of the castle and to pay tribute to her parents, who loved Castolovice, built it up twice in order to have to leave twice. They did not live to see it returned.

Wedding ceremonies

Civil ceremonies take place in Castolovice every first and third Saturday of the month. Weddings are also possible on other days, but only with the agreement of the Registrar. Church (both catholic and protestant) ceremonies are on request.

Rental is always incl. live and taped music, flowers, a glass of champagne for the newlyweds and witnesses and parking in the castle area. It also includes the possibility of filming and photographing in the courtyard, flower gardens and park. For a small fee the newlyweds and close relations can be photographed (and filmed) in the Museum rooms of the castle. (Time unfortunately limited to 30min.)

The ceremony hall can seat up to 40 guests. There is a possibility of having ceremony at the Rose garden, with the capacity up to 80 people.

Civil weddings can also take place in the Knight's Hall which can accommodate a greater number of guests (up to 200). In the castle Chapel religious services are also possible. 

Wedding receptions

There are 3 options - castle restaurant Stoleti Praha, Rose dining room and the Orangery.

The Rose Dining room can seat up to 30 guests and the Orangery from 26 to 90 at one table.

There is charged rental fee depending on the type of the room and no. of guests. For organizational reasons the duration of wedding feasts is limited to four hours, unless not agreed with the owner of the castle.


Can be organized nearby the castle, castle itself doesn¨t have any rooms.

The prices are created individually, based on client´s need and specifications. Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for price list and detailed budget.