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Powder Tower


 • Wedding receptions for up to 40 people

• Terrace with a view of Prague

• Unique venue for romantic dinners

• Rental fee required, please contact us for exact amount


In an historical context, the Powder Tower is one of Prague’s most important medieval monuments. This is the place where royal coronation processions would commence. It is also the beginning and end of an important route from Kutná Hora, where silver was mined for the royal coffers.

The tower only retained its importance until the royal seat returned from the King’s Court (Králův dvůr – on the site of today’s Municipal House) to Prague Castle. The tower remained uncompleted until 1592, when a new entrance and spiral staircase were constructed. The Powder Tower acquired its current appearance during a refurbishment in the 1880s. 

From the 17th century, the new tower served as a storehouse for gunpowder and it has been called the Powder Tower since that time. The Powder Tower gate was erected on the bottom of a defensive moat that was nine metres below today’s street level and a bridge originally led up to the gateway.. Some mildly erotic scenes are depicted on the wall of the tower adjacent to the Municipal House. In the same wall, there is a special recess or alcove between floors, which served as a medieval toilet.

Wedding ceremonies available (protestant, symbolic, civil on request).

Virtual tour of Powder Tower