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Zofin garden


• Venue is an outside part of the venue B2, up to 180 people in the tent area, gazebo suitable for ceremony, music, entertainment, up to 80 people in restaurant
• Garden with a breathtaking view of Vltava river
• Type of cuisine: international, czech
• Minimum consumption - from 150.000 CZK (approx. 5.000 GBP / 6.000 EUR / 7.500 USD), please enquire for exact amount


A Neo-Renaissance building on Slavonic Island, it acquired its present appearance in 1886, and was restored in 1992 - 1994. Pleasant covered garden Cafe including a charming Pavillon (40 seats), guest may also wish to take advantage of boat rental facility.

Traditional place where important social and cultural events are held, provides an exclusive environment for wedding receptions, pre-wedding dinners, balls, concerts, gala receptions, and offers exquisite services.

Žofín Palace has been a leading centre of cultural and social life in Prague since 1837.  A list of all the events arranged here would be a very long one indeed, which testifies to the palace’s continuing importance.  In it, you would find concerts by some of the world’s greatest stars; assemblies of statesmen and diplomats; international congresses and conferences; presentations given by leading companies; conferences of industrialists, bankers and traders; prestigious balls and many other events. 

It is said that anyone of real importance can be seen at Žofín frequently. Everyone is welcome here with us though.  We can offer Prague’s loveliest halls, as well as top-flight services and a team that is dedicated to ensuring satisfaction. Anyone investing resources in an event demands quality in return.  And at Žofín, quality is delivered.

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