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Ceremony venues - Church ceremony

We have lots of experiences with religious ceremonies across most faiths. We are conscious of custom, but also can re-imagine the traditional with a fresh twist.

Church ceremonies are being performed in English (French, German is also possible), are not translated from Czech language. Catholic ceremonies can be performed in consecrated churches only, protestant ceremony can be basically anywhere. The ceremony itself takes about 30 minutes, should you wish to have mass in catholic church, additiomal 30 min need to be added.

Jewish weddings can be performed only in synagogue.

Catholic Weddings

Catholic priests will perform the ceremony to couples who will fulfil the requirements - paperwork and related church documents. It is possible to celebrate a catholic marriage even if only one of the wedding party is baptised catholic. If you have previously been married in the Catholic church and have not received a formal annulment, a Catholic ceremony will not be possible.

Protestant Weddings

Protestant weddings are very flexible and can be performed either in church or in an outdoor location such as a chateau or garden, where the Pastor travels to the ceremony.

Requirements for a protestant marriage are very simple; the pastor will want to correspond with you via email before the event. Please advise your planner, if you have been previously divorced so that we can verify if there are any impediments to a Protestant ceremony being performed.